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ExperiencesPosted by webmaster 2007-06-09 13:02:33
Share here your experiences either receiving or reciting the Medicine Buddha Mantra.

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Posted by heleen 2017-02-12 22:24:49

Hello, I would like to put something straight please. For the new moon cycle I put the name of my husband on the list, Kees Lugthart. But also his name Kees is on the list too and also his first name and my flast name. The name that I would like to be on the list is either just Kees or his first and last name Kees Lugthart. Please, I thank you for giving this opportunity. Thank you so much for your loving help! I wish everyone good health and loving greetings for you all, Heleen

Posted by alex 2016-08-18 07:45:54

hello .. I like to pray the short mantra of the medincine Buddha
but is it okay to do it in English ?
is the long one more powerful or even stronger if not in English ?
also is there a book with all of he,s mantras with part in English ?
one more thing if done in ur language if we say some of the words wrong will it still work ?


Posted by Orpheus Eye 2015-04-14 02:03:19

Medicine Buddha thangka hangs over my bed. He has followed me until finally an acquaintance gave me the thangka, and I recite his mantra everyday. I feel his power, I feel I am an emanation of him, he speaks to me directly, and purely and is helping me fulfill my humanness here on earth. Thank you

Posted by priscilla Phan 2014-06-23 10:50:53

Please delete my name from the upcoming lunar circle list. Thank you.

Posted by Gabby P. 2013-12-28 22:14:05

Please, delete Gabriela P. and Janina P. from present lunar circle list. We don't wish to get healing from the circle anymore. Thank you.

Posted by Jason Lara 2013-08-31 22:14:57

I recently read the Sutra of the Medicine Buddha and on the next day which was a Sunday I recited the Sutra and chanted the Dharani all day with sandawood incense and prayed the Medicine Buddha prayer but I'm afraid I don't know what was supposed to happen. I just want some relief from my bad luck and misfortune which has me suffering almost to the point of death. I posted my name on your circle. I hope you guys can do a better job than I can. Please help.

Posted by humble receiver 2013-08-03 02:10:12

Thank you so much for the healing attunement. OMG.
I was in great need of release and cleansing and am happy to
receive the gift of joy and enlightenment.
thank you for being, thank you for sharing.


Posted by marcos freira de freitas morna 2013-05-22 22:52:26

Please delete my name from next lunar cicle's list. I don't wish to get healing from the circle. Thank you.

Posted by ine nabben 2012-11-20 17:27:44

Please delete my name and also fieke smits from next lunar circle list.I don't want get healing from persons I don't know. Thank you

Ine Nabben

Posted by Raúl Olmos 2012-07-05 01:28:17

Please delete my name from next lunar cicle's list. I don't wish to get healing from the circle. Thank you.

Posted by kongassery satish 2012-05-07 11:14:21

Hello respected healers,

i have given the names of three ladies for Healing Blessing from this Moon cycle. Their names are Ameena Menon, Monica Kapoor and Neelam Kapoor. Strangely i feel depleted of energy and feeling of uneasiness after i have recommended their names. Kindly do something which will not effect me or do not do their healing now. I am sorry to be telling this.

Posted by kongassery satish 2012-05-07 10:56:11


I am from Delhi, India. I have recommended a lot of people i know to receive the Medicine Buddha Healing Blessing from this moon cycle to next. Two or Three Lady i know are suffering from depression and mental illness. Now i feel a strange loss of energy and uneasiness. At the my back of mind i think some negative energy is hurting me. What should i do. This healing cycle is for one month, and i am little afraid it will not hurt me till them. Please help.

Posted by Anonymous 2012-04-08 01:34:10

Posted by bear heart 2012-02-24 01:39:47

Is it possible to have someone added for healing, she is 36 and just was rediagnosed with Breast CA stage 4? I received refuge from Riburr Rinpoche and so thought to turn here first for guidance...I just believe in collective intent for someone's healing...and healing meaning peace and wellbeing.

Thank you.

In Peace

bear heart

Posted by nuta 2011-12-28 21:08:29

i want to know where and who singing the medicin mantra from fullmoon to fullmoon,love nuta

Posted by 2009-09-16 23:35:06


J m french, J dont speak english fine.

A friend gave me a book about an american woman. She had a cancer. She learn La gayatri mantra and yoga.

When J have reading the mantra, J was feeling this mantra. In internet, J found the gayatri mantra. And J recite the mantra each day. J m feeling this mantra. Also, J m sitting in Silence. J m not young, and J m deaf woman all my life. But surely God want me so, J can listen him, and the Silence. J m painter. J m praying for other people who are bad. J would like really receive the mantra. J dont know oif J can to go to Paris. Thank you

Posted by Ken Horton 2007-07-04 09:53:26

I have been Chanting the Medicine Budda Mantra for some time now. And I do the whole complete meditation. Because Medicine Budda is actually in the scriptures there is no need for an impowerment. My son KC has been very ill since birth. He has had problems with pancreatic protein enzyme diffencincy and has had numerous digestive problems. He had goten to the point of losing pounds and having a hard time keeping any food down. His main problem was GERD(gastroesophageal reflux disease). We have taken him from Dr to dr with no answers. No one seemed to care about my son's problems. It finally got to the point where I thought my wife was going to have a mental break down. Then one night KC went through a traumatic 2 hours where he was really sick throwing and gagging. I placed my hand on his stomache and sincerly chanted the Medicine Budda Mantra. I could see a small Medicine Budda on his stomach. For some time after that incident any time I saw him(my son) I could see a blue Medicine Budda on the top of his head.After many searches of several different Drs we found one Dr that was willing to help us get to the root of the problem. He has run many tests and has come through for us as well as my son. KC has started to make great improvement in his eating. They have put him on special formula to help him and we see improvements everyday thanks to this new Dr and the Medicine Budda. There are various other experiences I have had but this was the most important of all. Guru Medicine Budda is more than just a healer he is also a Dahrma protector. There is no doubt that he is an emination of the supreme spiritual guide. Some people may think that this is silly and outrageous but if you really try it you find out that it really works.

Posted by Jivanjili 2007-06-27 13:32:28

Dearest Sandy,

I just love you like crazy..... You have found the natural simplicity of LOVE. Love is the FIRE and the stomach is a central fire in our body for digestion, meeting itself in the LOVE of the One Heart of Hearts. EVERYONE is indeed capable of just selfless Healing..... a matter of transparency.

Posted by 2007-06-24 19:20:49

As I chant the Medicine Buddha Mantra I was prepared and open to participate in the healing and awakening of others. Like bees to honey, thirsty souls are finding each other. I am delighted to see that some of my most wonderful encounters have been with teenagers.

Mike is 15, a friend of my daughter Shannon. I noticed the few times he has come over to our house that he is tense and fearful. I go out of my way to make him feel more comfortable and welcome. He has invited Shannon to his Catholic church for a youth group and he encourages her to pray.

Mike always wears a gold cross around his neck and loves just sitting in his church, something I used to do as well when I was younger. I have been in his church many times and the energy there is very beautiful.

Mike stopped by this past Thursday to see Shannon. When he stepped in the house I noticed my body starting tingling all over. This is a signal my body has been giving me lately to be attentive. As the three of us hung out for a while Mike revealed he has a constant pain in stomach but the doctors can find no physical reason for his problem.

I have never done this before with anyone but I asked Mike if I could put my hand on his stomach to see what it might be trying to tell him. He said it was fine and he was suprised to feel the heat coming from my hand. I was suprised to feel the tension in his body. I asked if he was angry with anyone, he said, "yes". It was clear he was holding the anger in his stomach...these powerful emotions were harming him physically. I continued to hold my hand on his stomach and I would gently shake him trying to relax his muscles. I asked him several times to "let go" of the anger and forgive. His body started to melt and relax a bit.

Some very healing and empowering words welled up in my heart for Mike and he received them with joy. Here is what came forth....." Mike, you are Free to create your own life, to be the change you so want to be in the world, no one can stop you..... you are magnificient beyond measure". I could feel with my hand he melted a little more. Then he started to laugh. He said he felt happy and his stomach did too. That happy feeling rippled out into the room, we all felt it. It was a profound moment of healing and awakening for all of us.

We each received the healing we needed in our lives to live, love, and serve more freely and fearlessly. This communion of souls was so bees to honey. In the midst of us there was this subtle and palpable Presence............I call it LOVE.

May we continue to chant and be attentive to the powerful affects and opportunities to participate in the healing and awakening of all beings to the Radiance of their Souls and to the life giving power of LOVE.

Namaste and blesssings to all,


Posted by Sandy 2007-06-12 18:55:27

I have been chanting the Medicine Buddha Mantra for a friend's son. His name is Patrick. He had a serious head injury years ago which caused him to fall into a depressive state. He became addicted to drugs as well. I never ever imagined that I would ever meet him.

Circumstances have changed Patrick lives a few minutes walk from my house. Then he came to my house to do some yard work for me. Has the Mantra brought him to my doorstep and into my life.

Things are not as they appear to be. This person who I viewed as needing healing, came and brought healing to me. More accurately......we are "healing each other". Our first meeting was rather ponderous.....

Healing means, "wholing" in Dutch, very interesting. Patrick would really like to see that he is a part of the "WHOLE"....our connection and the coicendences in our stories opened him up to consider that maybe his life is a part of a much bigger story. He is now also off drugs and is much more hopeful about his life than his family has seen for a long while. Please continue to chant for Patrick and his awakening.

Namaste and love,


Posted by Jivanjili 2007-06-09 13:08:31

Dear One,

You must be reciting and receiving the mantra full heartedly.... An open heart makes all the difference and contains all the healing power boundlessly from within.
How wonderful.... how simple.

Posted by ale 2007-06-09 13:07:19

I receive and recite.The feeling is that you help and you are helped is so strong, is just amazing. I already feel the difference in the daily life. Thanks and love