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How to tell people

SuggestionsPosted by Priya 2007-07-09 22:35:20
One adviced me to use the books of Masaru Emoto to tell people about the power of the mantra.Indeed it worked like that.The photo's of the watercrystals are so evident, that the people's ears opened up.Love and Appreciation.......I left the book with them, at their workingplace for a few days.With some of the little cards.Mostly I suggest people to put the name of their people on the site.That the power of the singing will do its work for the people on the list.

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Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Engyo Intonsha 2012-04-13 09:50:26

Anyone interested in starting a Medicine Buddha circle on Google+? This alternative to Facebook allows webcam meetings for chanting, among other things.

All you need to start is a gmail address.

Palms together in respect _/\_

Posted by Priya 2010-01-20 20:44:54

Concerning the SWASTIK symbol.

Searching on the internet, I was surprised to find, that the symbol is used in both directions.

In ancient times Greecians, Romans, Japanees used it counterclockwise ánd clockwise.

So, who has the say in this, whether there is a wrong way, energetically?

Posted by Piyush Jain 2008-03-25 14:34:03

Hi I have noticed that " SWASTIK" symbol on the PDF document for Lord Ganesh - - is photogenic negative - means the correct way of placing the swatik is photogenic positive of the current one, Kindly correct the same as it can create wrong energies.

Posted by Anouk 2007-08-01 22:05:22

Wonderful initiative........ I watched the DVD "The secret behind the secret" and this gave me a clear understanding of the mystery of the Universal Law of attaction. This Law is visible everywhere and so obvious. I tought to write you this, you might be interested to see that too.